Terms and conditions for the use of the special place

This website (http://www.1905.gr) belongs to the company under the name XXXXXXX (hereinafter referred to as 1905) and is intended for the personal information of its users and operates under the following terms of use. 1905 customers and users / visitors to the pages of the website are requested to read the terms of use and the data protection policy carefully and remain on the website only if they accept them fully.

The visit / use of this site are subject to the following conditions as well as the applicable law. The connection and access to it implies the understanding and full and unreserved acceptance by the user of all the general terms and conditions described herein. If you do not accept any of these terms and conditions, please leave this site and do not use it.

Underaged are prohibited from using the site and its content. The website is addressed exclusively to adults . If, however, they (the minor) voluntarily visit or make use of this and the services provided through it, 1905 and its authorized network members bear no responsibility.

The rights to the entire content (e.g., programs, designs, information, data) of the site are protected by Greek or international intellectual property laws and are owned by 1905 or their respective beneficiary and are available to customers and / and visitors to the site strictly for personal, non-commercial, non-profit, use.
1905 and third party logos and distinctive signs for products or services constitute 1905 or third party rights. Their appearance on the website does not constitute a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them. Except as otherwise provided, all content of this site, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services provided and, in general, all the archives of this site are intellectual property, distinctive features or trademarks of 1905 and are protected from the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties. None of these may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or uploaded, transmitted or distributed in any way, in whole or in part. Customers and / or visitors / users understand and accept that they are not allowed to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and / or exploit in any way, in whole or in part, the content of this site and therefore prohibit any copying, distribution, transportation, processing, resale, creation of derivative works, or misleading the public about the real provider of the content of this site. Reproduction, copying, redistribution, modification, adaptation, incorporation, republication, translation, commercial use, retransmission or any other use of the content in any way by any process and means (electronic, printed or otherwise) for commercial or other purposes, may only be authorized with the prior written permission of 1905 or any other intellectual / intellectual property holder. Any action that is in conflict withthe above is in violation of applicable law.

Update, Validation and Operation
1905 makes every effort so that the content and information and data displayed on the website are accurate and true, but it does not bear any responsibility for their reliability, completeness or timeliness. 1905 provides the content (such as plans, information, names, photographs, illustrations) as “EXACTLY” with no warranty of any kind , written or implied while it is obvious that warranties of satisfactory quality , suitability security and accuracy are kept Under no circumstances will 1905 be liable for any legal, civil and / or criminal claims, nor for any damage (positive, special or incidental, which is indicative, but not limited, alternatively and / or cumulatively, such as loss of profits, data , loss of earnings, monetary satisfaction, etc.) by customers and / or visitors / users of this site or third parties, for reasons connected with the operation or not and / or the use of the website and / or the inability to provide services or / and information available from him / and / or any unauthorized third party interventions to products and / or services or information available through it. 1905’s website may include any form of advertising. The present services as well as any new services to be added to the 1905 website are subject to these terms of use unless expressly stated otherwise. Visitors / users are responsible for accessing the services of the 1905 website and access may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. Internet service providers, Internet billing), the exclusive responsibility of which have visitors / users. They are solely responsible for the adequacy of their equipment with technological means that allow them access to the services of the 1905 website. The use of the 1905 website must be done solely for legitimate purposes and in a manner that does not restrict or impede its use by third parties. Customers and / or visitors / users of the website are required to use the 1905 website in accordance with law, good ethics and these terms of use.

Customers and / or visitors / users of the website should not commit any acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to this website, adversely affect or compromise the provision of 1905’s services. This site may contain links to third party sites for which 1905 has no responsibility for the content of their websites or for any damage resulting from their use as their customers and / or visitors / users 1905 website accesses them on their own responsibility. 1905 is under no obligation to check the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services of other websites and websites, to which it refers via links or advertisements. 1905 in no way embraces or accepts the content or services of the websites and web pages to which it refers and is not related to it in any other way.

1905 recommends that you should always check the accuracy of the information provided on third-party websites you visit through this site, which may differ from those of this site. By choosing to go to a third-party site, you declare that you take full responsibility and do this at your own risk. We have no responsibility whatsoever for any damage you may suffer, for any reason, from your visit to that site. 1905 will make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of its network, including this site. 1905 reserves the right to modify, add, alter the content or services of the site and the terms of use of the site, whenever it deems necessary, by notifying them through its website.

When visiting 1905’s website and using its applications, it is likely that they collect and store data such as automated information about visitors / users that are used to produce statistical data for the use of this site and improving the quality of services through it. The following information is automatically collected and stored at each web site visit:
The Internet domain and Internet Protocol (IP) address from which visitors / users have access to this website.
The kind of web browser and visitor / user computer operating system used to visit this website.
The day and time that visitors / users visit this website.
The websites that visitors / users visit on this site. If visitors / users of this website are linked to it through another website, then the address and this website are collected and stored.
If the visitors / users of this site connect to it through a search engine then the address and this search engine and the search query
This information is collected by the 1905 server and is used exclusively for administrative purposes and for the production of statistical data that 1905 assesses regarding the use of its website. 1905 also uses cookies when visiting each user.
Data protection When visiting 1905’s website and using its applications, it is likely that the visitors / users of the 1905 website and 1905 customers will be asked to indicate on its websites (indicatively they may be asked to enter a name, address , telephone and contact information, where necessary) data that are absolutely necessary either for the activation of 1905 related services or for the possibility of communication with them, communication in the which visitors / users already explicitly consent to, so that they are informed about new 1905 products and services. 1905 respects the desire for protection and confidentiality of your personal information. Your personal data are stored only if you voluntarily and deliberately register it. These data may be used in the future for research and statistical purposes, product promotion, market research or sales data control, and in order for 1905 to contact you whenever necessary.
It is clarified that 1905 does not have a publicly accessible list of e-mail addresses of the customers and visitors / users of its website. Therefore, personal data (such as access names, etc.) that appear anywhere on the websites and services of 1905’s website are intended solely to ensure the operation of the above communication and will not be used by any third party, without complying with the provisions of the laws as they apply, regarding the protection against the processing of personal data. Please note that your personal data will be collected and managed in the safest and most appropriate way and based on applicable personal data law.
1905 operates in accordance with the applicable Greek and European regulations, aiming at the optimal policy regarding the use of the internet.
Personal data are kept secure for as long as 1905 customers and / or visitors / users remain subscribers to 1905’s services. Personal data will be erased entirely in any case of termination of the relationship of the individual with 1905, otherwise whenever the individual submits a similar request for deletion. The personal data that 1905 receives is solely used by it, aiming at supporting, promoting and implementing its commercial relationships or for statistical purposes. The contents of 1905’s archives can also be provided to competent judicial authorities if there are reasons of public interest to public policy authorities and other administrative authorities upon request, always in accordance with relevant legislation.

With regard to personal data brought to the attention of 1905, where the data subject is interested in submitting in any form his CVs in pursuit of his or her employment relationship with 1905 or in seeking to be included as a candidate of 1905 or when sends or plans biographical data in any form or, in general, communicates to 1905 information that may contain personal data even if not requested, the following applies:
1905 does not, knowingly, collect personal data from persons who have not reached the age of 18. 1905 makes use of the personal data of her affiliated partners, in order to enhance her professional partnerships with 1905. It is also possible that 1905 will occasionally communicate with the subjects of this personal data about such cooperation opportunities. The collected personal data of 1905’s affiliate partners are solely used by 1905. 1905 may communicate such data to affiliated companies and / or companies belonging to a 1905 group of companies upon the request or consent of the data subject. These data are deleted at the request of the natural person, otherwise after two (2) years from sending the relevant curriculum vitae. For every communication between 1905 customers and / or visitors / users of 1905’s website via email and since the above persons have freely provided their personal data, by giving their explicit consent, 1905 reserves the right to keep records of this communication and the information that has been transferred and to use any information provided to it in order to respond to any relevant request from its customers and / or visitors / users or to protect of interest laws. This information will remain in the 1905 record only for as long as it is necessary to complete the above purposes and then deleted. 1905 may send emails with periodic updates to its customers and / or visitors / users of their website who have so agreed. In case you do not wish to receive further information, please contact us. At any point of time you have the right to access your personal data and the right to object to their processing, as well as the right to correct them. If you wish to delete or correct the information you have entered on the Network page, please contact us at info@1905.gr and these will be deleted from our archives.
1905 reserves the right to periodically check the recorded data and to delete any of its records without notice from its records. 1905 cooperates with third parties who provide services, which may include, but are not limited to, qualified consultants and financial controllers, web hosting companies, data analysis, software systems support and other administrative or non-security systems and services. Since its customers and / or visitors / users of their website have made their personal data available, 1905 reserves the right to disclose the information related to their personal data to the third parties, always insofar as it relates to the purpose of providing the services that the third parties are providing to 1905. Additionally, 1905’s software consultants may use such information for the purpose of modifying, developing and deploying, improving, and evaluating their research and development technology. Complying with the law, 1905 reserves the right to use or disclose any information it has collected in any case in which it believes in good faith that the law so requires and / or in the event that 1905 will reinforce or protect its rights, its property, its security, but also the security of the visitors / users of this website and / or in the event of a violent response to force majeure. In the event that 1905 customers and / or visitors / users of the 1905 website wish to change or delete personal data from 1905’s records, they must notify 1905 in writing, explicitily indicating the desired change or deletion. If necessary, 1905 will then contact them to verify their statement of change or deletion of their personal data. 1905 takes all necessary organizational and technical security measures to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of the personal data of 1905 customers and / or the visitors / users of their website under its control. 1905 reserves the right to transfer the collected data to third parties without the further consent of the visitors / users of this site, in the context of strategic alliances with them or in case of transfer of 1905 itself or its related persons or subsidiaries in the event of the merger of 1905 or the related parties with that person or its subsidiaries or in the event of the transfer or sale of part of its capital or operational structures or related to it or its affiliates.

Exclusion of responsibility
Use of this site is at the sole responsibility of each user. The user accepts that access to the site is at his own risk and assumes any potential risk arising from the access and use of the site. 1905 is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this site or the links therein. Likewise, it is not responsible for any software destruction, loss of data and / or programs. Furthermore, 1905 does not guarantee that the pages and the contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that the errors will be corrected. Neither 1905 nor the members of the Authorized Network are liable for any direct, indirect, positive or consequential damages that are related in particular to any errors, omissions, inaccuracies in typographical or technical errors, deferred information being displayed on this site.
There is also no guarantee that the site or servers through which it is made available to visitors will be provided without viruses or other harmful components or that their websites, services, choices or results are correct, complete and available at all times.
Each user has the sole responsibility to ensure by using antivirus software that the computer and its files are not infringed and protected by viruses or destruction programs – applications as well as the possible fight against any detected virus. In any case, each user is charged with all the costs involved, for the necessary maintenance, repair of his computer and his system in general for his return to the previous normal state.
Under no circumstances will 1905 be liable for the content and products or services offered on other sites or otherwise related to the site. Given the format of the Internet, 1905, under any circumstances, including negligence, is not responsible for any kind of damage to the visitors / users of the websites or the customers of the services, choices and content of this website. Also, 1905 does not guarantee that any relevant web site or servers through which it is made available to visitors / users will be continuously in the fullness or availability of the content, web pages, services, options or results from their use.
Exclusive liability for any damages of any kind arising from the fact that the information on the Internet is secure to a certain extent, with the possibility of being intercepted or incorrectly sent or at the will of a third party to another e-mail address, is the responsibility of users.

Applicable law
The present text of this website, including any amendments thereto, is governed by Greek law, European law and relevant international conventions / treaties. If any term in this text is in conflict with the law, it ceases to be valid in itself and is abandoned by the present text of the terms of use and data protection policy without altering the rest of the content of this text. This is the total agreement between 1905 and the visitors / users of 1905’s web sites and / or customers and is binding on them only. No modification of these terms of use is taken into account and is not part of this agreement unless it is evidenced in writing and is not incorporated in these terms of use. Unless otherwise stated on this website, these terms of use and the terms of 1905’s data protection policy are directly applicable in their entirety and are accepted by 1905’s customers and / or visitors to this site as a whole and without any express or implied reservation, rejection, opposition or denial.